Bespoke Sales Training Video’s

Combining sales training experience with YouTube experience and then supported by software experts, 'wise me up Bytes' are short training videos that can be used to train any sales person working remotely anywhere at any time. With a one off cost, we deliver to you the content, and control so you can ensure you and your team get the most out of your investment time, and time again. Please watch this 3 minute video for informaton or contact me, 

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Bespoke Sales training

Our solutions are totally bespoke and have a proven track record for success. We work with all levels from sales directors to front line sales on and off site through one to one or group interventions that are role relevant and immediately transferable. Whether you are a sole trader working in e-commerce or a large global organisation working with varied channels to market, we can find the best approach for you.

More than just sales training

With Sales at the core of our focus, we look at the bigger picture and seek to break down silos and bottle necks and improve the synergy across all functions that support sales. All functions work a bit like a wall.

Each brick is not the same as the one next to it. However, each brick has been given a place where it fits perfectly.

Each brick is given the same coat and each brick is held together by the same mortar. Each brick knows its job.

This is teamwork!

We look at the entire eco system to seek out gaps that can affect the fluidty of overall performance and profitable results. It's a bit like making sure the plug is in place before trying to fill the bathtub.

Bathtub drawing

If the waterline in this tub was your profit line, then you would need to look at both tap and plug to raise and sustain it.

If turning the tap represented increasing sales then you might seek solutions to help increase the flow.

If this plug represented the eco system around your sales team then you might want to check if its firmly in place, or you could be leaking revenue and hence profits.

This is sustainability!

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