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wise me up To Cold Calling aims to help sales people identify what makes cold calling such a challenge and overcome the fears of making such calls. Shea Heer shares over 20 years of experience in receiving, making and coaching people through those first prospecting stages in the sales process.

This book is an easily accessible guide which will appeal to anyone interested in learning how to improve their cold calling success rate. Its unique style and structure takes readers on a journey through the process and along the way the reader is given thought-provoking advice on how to own cold calling success.

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Crucial Sales Interview Questions

Recruiting might be high on your agenda now due to the recent past. It’s a great place to be, but the marketplace is full of talent. So its crucial to qualify the candidates and challenge them to help you decide on who you want in your team. Whatever you are looking for you cannot afford to hire someone who cannot bring a return on the further investment you are about to make into them. To help with this qualification I have three impactful interview techniques that are crucial to your success.

Retail vs Internet

I sometimes find retail assistants extremely reactive to browsers. Especially if its a retailer who has a lot of success on the internet. Electrical goods for example.

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