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wise me up To Cold Calling aims to help sales people identify what makes cold calling such a challenge and overcome the fears of making such calls. Shea Heer shares over 20 years of experience in receiving, making and coaching people through those first prospecting stages in the sales process.

This book is an easily accessible guide which will appeal to anyone interested in learning how to improve their cold calling success rate. Its unique style and structure takes readers on a journey through the process and along the way the reader is given thought-provoking advice on how to own cold calling success.

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How to Sell Well on Video Calls

In my article title ‘Tomorrow Salesperson’ I have written about how COVID-19 accelerated our submersion into a world of technology. Bringing forward the inevitable changes to the sales role. Changes which require salespeople to be able to sell as well on video as they would in person.

Recruit to Retain with 3 Crucial Steps

Recruiting salespeople is expensive, it is around £22,000 or $40,000 plus time and effort which I certainly do not underestimate. For this reason, it is vital to secure your investment by ensuring a robust plan that will not only help you to recruit the right people but to retain them, develop them and gain the optimum return from them. If you hire or are thinking of hiring salespeople, please do read on.

Should I hire a Salesperson?

One of the big questions that I get asked by business owners when they want my help is; "Should hire someone to sell for me?" That is a reasonable question though not straight forward to answer because there are a lot of variables to think about when making such a big decision.

MOT tests for Salespeople

If salespeople have more than three years experience in their role one might refer to them as ‘experienced' I sometimes hear words like "don't need any training…" or "know what they are doing.." and "been here long enough to know the job...". It is understandable that the expectation for a salesperson is to have a good knowledge and grasp of the job at hand well before this period, but how do we know that their skills are improving alongside their knowledge or are their achievements a result of knowledge and not so much their skill?

No Time to Manage Time!

Have you had this thought or even said it out loud? Then you would not be alone. The forced changes brought on by the current environment has made time management difficult not because you have less time but Ironically because you have more time. Everyone has more time to fit a quick zoom meeting into their diary, more sessions are taking place, and less time is left to deal with the actions from them. Hence, I hear a lot of stress out there.

Be F.R.E.S.H

FRESH is an acronym I came across years ago, and I have adopted it into my material because it summarises what I'm always saying about 'standing out' with your sales approach and 'would you listen to you'.

Dump the Script and Start Listening

Many salespeople are told or advised to use a script. I’m going to share with you why this can inhibit cold calling success. Let me start first of all by explaining my understanding of what a script is. 

If you look up the dictionary definition of the word ‘script’ as a noun it refers to either a set of instructions, a handwritten note or lines for actors in a play, film or theatre. In any of these versions of its definition, a script is a written version of what is going to happen. And there lies the problem...

How to handle Gatekeepers Objections

Objections are one the most discussed topics in cold calling and the most feared part of making them. There is no one answer to handling objections, but there is a mindset you can adopt to help you to overcome them. Here are five tips to help you overcome objections to be more Successful in your cold calls.

The Wise Sales Cycle

When I first started my own business becak in 2008, I wanted to put my own mark on my training approaches I pulled together all my 12 years of sales experience into this. The Wise Sales Cycle and I have successfully applied to all the relevant bespoke training solutions. Organisations such as Saint Gobain and Eaton have embraced this model and some have used it as a template for their own. This is a model that is applicable to any level in any sales and marketing organisation. It acts as a great foundation for training and development in this field. 

Control what happens after a cold call

I want to share some details of a call centre call that I received. Not because I want to shame the person or the company who trains them: More to help you understand why it's so important to put as much effort into the 'goodbye' as you do in the 'hello'.

How to plan your way out of lockdown

We are sitting at the amber traffic light of lockdown, getting ready to go, waiting for the green light which is inevitable to show. Sales plans should be taking shape right now. If you haven't had conversations to help you to plan, then this might help. Below is my list of five things to do to plan for lockdown release. I hope you find them useful;

Tomorrows Salesperson

Sales might arguably be one of the most costly functions in many organisations, but generally, the cost is accepted as a necessary expense to grow the business. However, I think the current climate has highlighted some of the flexibilities available in working practices that could reduce costs and increase profits.

5 Ways to Win From Home

I have said many times on my YouTube videos and in my written articles: You should always adapt your pitch to the environment. Right now, times are challenging, and there is no hierarchy. Everyone is equal, and everyone is working against the same conditions. For some working from home is a comfort zone, and they have it mastered from structure to timings. For most, however, working from home is entirely new and difficult. Why?

5 crucial habits for successful Social Media Networking

Salespeople today have so many more channels to market than ever before thanks to the evolution of technology. Old school ways of reaching prospects are still available to use, but most salespeople move like sheep to the next newest way. Once a new channel becomes known to bring people success, then understandably everyone will shift to use it. It only seems natural to do so. However, this can cause a little problem.

5 Crucial habits for successful lead generation by cold calling

Effective lead generation is about being able to seek out the most valuable leads or 'hot' leads as we often refer to them as. A hot lead is one that is qualified and fits the criteria

Sales Booster Course January 2020

How about and affordable one day Sales Booster Course tailored to your business and you people? For sales people, managers, internals support teams. Your chosen content will be designed to reinvigorate and motivate whilst improving working practices, teamwork and confidence. Overcome challenges, environmental or other.  Ensure sustainable results.  Delivered through interactive coaching for individuals or groups.

How to make the CRM work for your sales teams

I was first introduced to the words Customer Relationship Manager in the nineties. It is a concept which focusses on supporting the profit chain through creating a seamless customer experience. By sharing information and ensuring transparency of relevant information to all front line staff, a customer will get a consistent approach at each touch point. Or at least this was the objective. The systems built for enablement are as you will already be aware called CRM systems. These days such systems can be overcomplicated and confusing. In some organisations, they could be used more effectively, and in some, they could be implemented more effectively. Considering the potential benefits of a CRM to the success of a business, I'm surprised how little attention is paid to 'getting them right'.

10 Tips to Help Sales Managers find their stars

“I’m a sales Manager, not a recruiter”

As a Sales Manager, I would understand if you ever thought or said these words, because they are correct. You are not a recruiter by trade or qualification or sole occupation, but your occupation might depend on effective recruitment or at least some part of it. I encourage all sales managers to take more of an active role in this process because recruitment does not stop at finding a person to interview. It might be where most recruitment agencies stop, but for you it’s a much bigger picture and much longer process. Your primary investment into getting recruitment right is not financial; however, your primary loss in getting recruitment wrong is financial.

5 Things to help you to build a better rapport with the gatekeeper

Building a rapport with gatekeeper is an essential part of the sales process. Here are 5 things to do that will help you to build a better rapport with your initial contact on the phone so you can qualify and maintain good immediate relationships with the prospect

5 Things to do before making a successful Cold Call

I've put together 5 things that I believe are key to preparing for a cold call and making sure that you control the call to a successful outcome. They've worked for me.

Knock Knock

We all have to start somewhere in our sales career.

Why and when to ask what

One of the most frustrating things to hear is a great questions delivered badly

How can you add value to what you offer?

Quite often in sales we hear and talk about the word value. So I thought it might be worth just sharing a few of my own thoughts that might help sales people to think further about how they integrate the meaning of this word into their sales process;

Are you just too subservient?

Having trained sales people and sales managers for nearly 20 years now I do wonder if sales people, who are noted for their confidence among peers and colleagues, are just too subservient to customers. I believe being professional does not mean being subservient;

Improve your hotel reviews

Hotel staff and how they can have a negative impact on customer experience regardless of how beautiful the hotel building and interior is. The staff in a hotel can make or break it and not enough hotels are paying attention to this very simple fact!

High street retail survival

Too many of our favourite stores are beginning to show signs of struggling and are fast disappearing from the high street all together. This is in some ways shocking and in other ways not surprising. Shocking because there seems to be no reactive or proactive survival measures after watching competitors failing and not surprising because there has been no reactive or proactive survival measures after seeing competition failing.

How to write great sales emails

I always make sure that I respond to as many sales emails as I can. Granted it takes time but its amazing what you learn from them. By 'learn' I mean what I think works and what I think really doesn't work. Or, in other words, how to turn a good email into a great sales email.

Build better more sustainable customer relationships

Rapport and respect: Which is more important and which should come first? Two different questions with possibly two different answers. I often hear sales people tell me that their role is about 'relationships', and about keeping the customer happy. I would imagine most of us in sales would agree. Though what does it take to keep a customer happy and maintain a good relationship?

How you can improve footfall to sales conversion rates

Today I popped out to buy a valentines gift for my loved one and was really surprised at how few sales assistants actually cared that I was in their store. Especially seeing that I was the only one in the store at the time. This is not the first time I have experienced this. In fact today I experienced it in two out of three stores. This has to be affecting footfall to sales conversion measures;

Planning can turn a very good sales person into a great sales person

Administration is probably one of the most hated parts of a sales persons role, by a sales person next to cold calling. Many sales people put planning into that 'admin' category and this is where they could be short changing themselves. I really think that planning is key to a sales persons success. I believe that planning can turn a very good sales person into a great sales person..

Tips for Selling to resellers

Selling to resellers has always relied on a sales persons ability to influence the reseller to endorse, push or promote the sales persons brand or product over the competitors. in some situations the product could be the same and the only differentiator is the sales person. I can write a lot about this but here's a short version of helpful tips;

Negotiating or Bartering - how to do it with confidence!

These two words are often used in selling. When I ask sales people what they understand by each of these words I get the feeling that the word 'bartering' has a less preferred meaning that negotiating. Salespeople tend to explain bartering as a behaviour that is less professional than negotiating. However I believe that both have their place in professional selling.

Training reviews matter

Securing your training investment. Is it really that important to do a follow up after training?

Train the trainer programs are not for managers

If you are looking for a train the trainer program you should know this.....

Don’t let your customers walk away!

I really want to support people who work really hard to get things off the ground. Organising an event and then drumming up participants to pay to attend is not easy. However there is nothing more frustrating when all that hard work is lost at the event!

Eliminate gatekeeper objections

When discussing training for sales people, this is one subject that sales managers always bring up. It is fair to say that it scares sales people. Gatekeepers seem to be getting better at turning sales people away. ESpecially in larger organisations where they are used to receiving lots of cold calls everyday.

Turn waiting into selling

Waiters are so crucial to the reputation of a business and to the customer satisfaction which then leads to reviews. There are so many great waiters out there who do go out of their way to ensure a good experience is had by their guests. Though it is also important to train your waiters to sell. The waiters who sell while they wait are very good at it because they get the balance between selling and service just right.

Cold callers - Would you listen to you?

One of the most disliked part of a sales persons role. Sales people will try really hard at getting customers interested in listening to them. They try everything from the hardest scare tactics to the most soft and gentle non intrusive (I don't mean to disturb you) calls. If you are a telesales cold caller, who this resonates with then it's time to reinvent yourself. If you're not sure then ask yourself this, "would you want to listen to you?" and if you are hesitating to answer that then please read on.

Help us to buy with more confidence

Make it easier for shoppers to buy by creating a way that we can visualise your product in our home, on our shape or to our outfit. It's far easier for us to make decisions when we can see the product in situ. 'visualise the dream' as they say.

Man creche to encourage more shopping

If major high street department stores could help to encourage our male partners to want to come shopping then, we girls would probably spend more time buying and less time wondering about it.

Retail vs Internet

I sometimes find retail assistants extremely reactive to browsers. Especially if its a retailer who has a lot of success on the internet. Electrical goods for example.

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