What better opportunity to sell to someone than when that person or people are in your place to have a good time. Though of course no one wants to feel like they are being 'sold to'. The key is to help your guests to 'buy from' you. So make it easier for them to do so.For example;

Yesterday I was in a hotel lounge meeting with a business colleague. A lovely young lady (won't expose her) came over to ask us if we would like to order a drink. We did. Shorlty afterwards she came over with the drinks and asked if we would like to open a tab (this was good as it would make it easier for us to order more drinks) My colleague who was staying at the hotel offered his room number. However he couldn't find the room card with the number on it straight away. As he fumbled in his pockets for this card the young lady waiting suggested that if he could bring the card to the bar then that would save her having to come back again to give him his tab key!!

If I was her manager I would want to train her to look for opportunities to come back to the table as these are opportunities to ask if the guest wants another drink or anything extra. (Especially at lunch times the smell of food at meal times is always great to make people want to buy a snack or if not appropriate they will ask for a drink to satiate the desire to eat). So in this case I would have been impressed if our very polite young lady had said "Don't worry Sir, if you can give me your name I'll find out your room number from reception (literally 20 feet away) and I'll set up a tab for you then I'll come back shortly to give you the tab key." Then I would have liked it if she came back to us as we had fiished our dringks or nearly finished our drinks.

So please train your staff to make it easier to buy from you!


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