I was brought up in retail and one thing I know is that the independent retailer doesnt get much time to go wondering around the market place and check out their competition. Sales people do though, so as the sales person use your knowledge of the market and share the trend professionally.

The decision maker is not the only one you need to influence. Do not disgurad installers, sales people, merchandisers and anyone else who forms a part of the success of your customers business. Remember they are a team and unless you turn each of them into positive influencers they can become negative meddlars instead.

Keep your rapport relevant to your objectives. You don't need to spend half your time speaking about football and fashion. try discussing business plans and ideas to help grow their business. You might find you build a more deep seated mutual respect and you might find they have more time for you.

Don't be subservient to your customers, instead stay on an equal professional level where you can discuss business in a more empathetic way. If they know that you know how it works then they won't throw so many smoke screens your way.

Use your knowledge of the consumers buying habits to help you to sell. if you don't already then its always useful to observe or learn about how your resellers customers behave when making decisions. Who is involved and what their typical buying traits or habits are. This might mean you have to discuss people's buying habits with domestic installers or with contractors who have the most interaction with their end users.

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