As our PM negotiates his way through the next month, it’s imperative that in sales we remain focussed and strong. Hence I want to offer businesses a short sharp booster to help ensure the focus remains on the business targets that are important to you and not be distracted by the environment instead use it to their strength. I did the same thing when I started my business in April 2008. I made the economic climate work for me and managed to secure enough business to take me through the next couple of years. I can help your teams to think positive by giving them the tools and understanding that can ensure they achieve more this year.

The smallest actions from a leader can create the greatest results! In many cases I have noticed that managers who have not been trained in leadership are trying to do the job they were handed plus the job of their team individuals. Hence time management is lost and the small but powerful acts of a leader are also lost. I have worked with many managers on planning for success to overcome climate and time challenges. By working with the managers to apply theories to their team we have managed to analyse and apply the most effective leadership skills to each individual. Whether that is a detailed coaching plan or a regular chat for support. We have balanced out the time a manager spends on individuals and people versus planning ensuring that forecasts are more accurate and their working practices are more efficient.

Individual satisfaction is excelled when a team works well together. Sometimes silos can be created between functions, the most notable being field sales and internal support teams (including finance of course). Silos impact overall business results as shown in the ‘profit chain[1]. This is not to say that the individuals in each function are not doing their job, quite the opposite in fact. They just haven’t seen the bigger picture. I have experienced this in small organisations as much as larger ones, and through my work. The good news is that the gaps can be quite easily overcome with the right training support and results propelled.

The content for this course can be aligned to your current business objectives considering previous performance gaps. You could use this as an opportunity to assess the current skills gaps in the team or as a means to induct new starters into your business. Some businesses have had a number of sales people start but not had the time to put them through a sales course of any kind.

The approach will be to exercise the existing skills and share best practices whilst providing tools and methodology to those who need or request it. I’m not a great fan of training jargon so anything we discuss we will apply directly to live examples that they are working on. Manager, sales people and internal support.

We can run this day on your premises or off site. I guess that will depend on budgets and space but if you need help with that I have plenty of options. We will also aim to minimise disruption to daily operations.

So for as little as £800/day, would it be worth exploring further? If you would like a preliminary discussion to see if its right for you, please call me on 07976737735 or email me your availability for a chat at;

Hope to speak to you soon.



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