I recently went into a branch of @curryspcworld to look for an iron. I was with my partner and 16 year old son. My partner and I are in our 40's and fifty's so if I saw us in my store I would like to think that this footfall is over halfway converted. Though dissappointed to see that whilst there were assistants in store they tended to want to leave us to browse alone. We had to call for help. In fact over the last 12 months I would say this is more the norm in a number of stores. My experience of working with thousands of sales people and some info from people I know who work in retail, leads to think the following could be reasons why sales assistants in these kinds of stores lay shy of customers;

1. Customers are only in to compare with what they have already seen on the internet and so might be wasting the assistants time

2. Customers prefer to be left alone to browse and see sales assistants as annoying

3. Waiting for bigger ticket (more commission) buyer

My tips to sales assistants;

1. Don't assume, ask. 'are you here to compare or start your search' I would be more than happy to answer that question because its different and gives me the chance to say no but at the same time you get information in return instead of just a 'no'!

2. Don't ask a dead end question. If it didn't work with the last few customers then change the question, dont give up all together!

3. Walk before you can run. If there's a bigger ticket buyer in the store, why are'nt you already with them!


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