I read an article in the 'sales closer' a few years ago. an article about handling objections by Mike Weinberg, sales guru. I remebered it because it works and based on that here are my tips to cold callers who get stumbled by gatekeepers objections;

  1. When a gatekeeper asks you a question answer the questions honestly. Eg 'if they ask you if this is a sales call? say 'yes or what I might say is 'I'd like to think it could be but I don't know yet if you have a need for what I am offering'.
  2. Serve a question back to the gatekeeper after you answer their question. That way you keep them on the phone longer - more chance to build rapport. For example to follow on from the last example ' can you tell me if you use.......?' the gatekeeper should answer with some information.
  3. Make the most of your call. Have a list of questions you would want to help you to qualify the potential from your call and make your way through them one by one to help you to be able to carry out number 2 effectively.

Trust me it works. I invite anyone to who wants help in this area to call me and I will show you just how to put these into practice tailored to your business.

These are skills tips if you want help overcoming your fear of objection handling, I'll blog later about how to mentally prepare your self to overcome these kind objections.

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