If you have ever sold tickets to an event that you have organised the well done. If it was a successful event you might want to run another. This is a nother investment of time and cost. Would it be worth it? Will people come back? Well the only way to know is if you take every opportunity to test the water and sell the ideas to the audience you have already managed to engage. Recently I attended one if these evening and noted that the person who was organising the event did not use the warm up time or interval time to network with their audience and try to build rapport with the customers. That is what they are after all ' customers'. I was one of them. In fact this person was completely out of sight for the whole duration of the break.

I know some people like to 'take a break' but if this is your event and your income depends on it then you should be using every opportunity tto sell your next event to every person in that room. Gage feedback, look for ideas to make the event better. Build relationships and loyalties with the attendees. Otherwise you are relying purely on their experience of your event and if you don't know how they feel about it then you won't know if they'll ever come back. Don't miss your opportunity!

Missed opportunity

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