In the nineties I spent a number of years working with call centres in India, UK and Ireland. Part of my role was to help develop the trainers to enhance sales performances. Naturally the first thing I spent valuable time doing was listening to the cold callers and talking to them to understand their inhibitors or barriers to being able to gain a better success rate with the UK market. My outcomes from this are not rocket science. Since then I went on to coach cold callers in business and have myself won my largest business contracts through cold calls. The opening of your call is everything here's an example for both domestic and business calls. These are real;

A real example of a domestic caller I recently received a call from:

Caller: "hello, am I speaking with Ms Heer?"

Me: "yes speaking"

Caller: "Mrs Heer how are you today?"

Me: "actually I'm really busy, you just caught me in the middle of serving dinner"

Caller: "Well Mrs Heer my name is Simon (??) and I am calling because you have a bug on your internet........."

Need I say more??

My tip if you do this: Only ask a question if you intend to listen to it and engage with the answer. Also dont' lie about your name - you already lost out trust! Had this caller listened to my answer I might have been more receptive to him but I felt he completely ignored what I had just told him so he was no longer important to me. Also had he given me his real name I might have interacted with him just on his name which meant I am on the phone longer and each second I am on the phone there is an opportunity for the caller to build rapport.

Real example of a business cold caller I very recently received a call from;

Caller: "Hi is that Shea?"

Me: "yes speaking"

Caller: "Oh, hi Shea its just a quick call as a follow up from............exhibition. We are calling to see if you would like us to help you with your sales training?"

Need I say goes on;

Me: "Sorry could you explain?"

Caller: "yes of course, we provide sales training and wondered if you would like us to help, do you have any plans for this or anything on your radar? What do you do by the way?"

OMG - didnt even look at my website and they are training sales people!

My Tip if you don't already do this: know who you are calling and what you want from the call. The person you are calling is in 'their world' as expected. So you need to know which planet you are calling. Your language has to match theirs, to do that you need to do your homework but you need to know what homework you are doing. What do you look for when you look up a business website - think about it. I'll write more on that in another blog.

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