FRESH is an acronym I came across years ago, and I have adopted it into my material because it summarises what I'm always saying about 'standing out' with your sales approach and 'would you listen to you'.

How can it help you?

When you think about your approach in any sales scenario, be it retail, lead generation or even inbound sales. The first thing the prospect will make a judgement on is you. If you don't appeal to them, your offering has less chance to also. However, if you stand out, your offering will sound more appealing. Companies like Apple, John Lewis, and Tessler stand out as Brands. They are FRESH, so they are attractive. You are your brand, so make yourself FRESH. Know what makes you stand out from everyone else. How do you want to come across to your prospects? Find your personality adjectives to fit the acronym. Or create another. Why not! The key is to make sure you know you can be FRESH!

F = (e.g. friendly, fantastic, faithful, funny)

R =

E =

S =

H =

There you have your personal FRESH. Good luck!

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