Today I just received one of the many cold calls from a charity organisation looking for a monthly donation and as much as I want to listen to them because they are so polite and courteous, I also get frustrated with the amount of time they waste leading up to or skirting around their objective!

This doesn’t only happen during cold calls. It happens in many sales roles where the competition is high. Margins are lost because prices are slashed just to beat the competition. Two reasons I can think of that lead to subservience and pant dropping situations;

  1. Lack of preparation by the sales person. They have no clear objective, no clear plan and hence no pre meditated questions or thoughts about how to engage the customer.
  2. Too much subservience. The customer says how high and the sales person panics. A lot of that behaviour I have to say is also due to lack of preparation and lack of understanding on how to manage to say 'no' without losing the customer. This is part of the art of selling. Often a picture looks better when painted with bold strokes. Think about it! I'm sure you'll see where I'm coming from!

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