Many organisations run departments which are not currently working to potential levels of synergy. Our programs are designed to tackle the silo's that can be created when a company grows and becomes more successful. Sales suport teams such as customer service, marketing, production and distribution are vital to the sales process and hence we can work with these teams to help them feel more valued through skills development, coaching and mentoring in the folllowing areas;

Selling over the phone;

Turning service into sales by recognising sales opportunities. Being able to sell add ons and cross sell.

Handling difficult conversations;

Understanding the motives for difficult bahaviour and then knowing how to diffuse a situation through simple communication techniques

Building effective relationships;

Recognising different character types and adapting bahaviours accordingly resulting in more effective influencing skills.

Team Building;

Using relevant internal goals and targets to break down silo mentailties and build better mutually beneficial teams.

Communication skills;

Everything from verbal skills to non varbal skills and how to apply communication skills to different situations.