We can design a bespoke program and coaching plan to address any key skills areas for sales managers. Especially managers who have just come into the role and have no prior experience of leadership. Here are some of the topics you might want us to include in your tailor made program.

Personal effectiveness;

Self awareness for managers to recognise where their strngths currently lie, through methods such 3600 feedback surveys or personality questionnaires.

Forecasting and growth planning;

Applying strategy to plans using data from the management tools that your managers use. help to extract and analyse data to be able to forecast more accurately.

Managing performance;

Key performance indicators and how to utilise this information to manage perfprmance levels effectively. 

Coaching and delegating;

structures and tools to coach and develop individuals who are either internal and externally based.

Leadership skills;

Situational leadership styles and how to apply these to optimise team output.

Motivating and Influencing;

Herzberg and Mazlow's theory's of motivation aplied to your environment.